Our Institute focuses on offering the beginning student in the New York area an opportunity for a comprehensive study of the foundational works of Heinz Kohut and those colleagues who worked closely with him.

The purpose of our Institute is unique in this regard and was granted a provisional charter by the University of the State of New York for this distinguishing emphasis.

We feel that such foundational training will facilitate and widen the student's understanding and appreciation of recent theoretical contributions to self psychology which becomes a focus in the third and fourth year of training.


The New York Institute for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology was formed for the purpose of providing a thorough training in the theory and technique of Heinz Kohut and those contemporary theorists who have made significant contributions to his work.

It is our belief that Kohut's contributions constitute an enrichment and expansion of traditional psychoanalysis and cannot be fully learned without a deep respect for and understanding of the Freudian tradition from which self psychology emerged.

Therefore, the curriculum includes a study of the significant writings of Freud and the post-Freudians, as well as the works of contemporary theorists, with an emphasis on understanding the distinctions between theories.

The major focus of the program, however, is on the study of Kohut's clinical and theoretical contributions with particular emphasis on the experience-near empathic treatment stance.


Contributions to the Institute are tax deductible as provided in Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Service Code.


The Kathryn Garbarine Memorial Fund will be used for research and training in the psychoanalytic understanding and treatment of suicide and depression. Donations are welcomed and are considered tax exempt under the Institute's tax exempt status.

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"Crayton Rowe's Treating the Basic Self enriches the psychotherapist by providing a clear and fully encompassing summary of Heinz Kohut's pioneering contribution."
- Ernest S. Wolf, M.D.

"...a blockbuster entry...that will surely wake up clinicians who are interested in self psychology."
- Arnold Goldberg, M.D.